We’ll happily take any opportunity to bring BIG things to smaller institutions with limited budgets.  But we think nowhere is that opportunity as great as adapting our existing technology to new purposes, for an extremely affordable price.

Some products, like the Knock Down Shipyard itself, and the digital hall of fame, were built with repurposing in mind, so can be easily adapted to other institutions’ subject matter for a fraction of the cost of the initial development.  Since we pride ourselves on building interactive displays for a remarkably low price to begin with, a fraction of THAT cost is likely within reach of most institutions.

But even products not designed to be replicated probably can be, still with a nice cost savings.  Modifying the $45,000 Anthony of the Arctic display for another institution for $15,000 is one of our proudest achievements, even if it was a bit more complicated to pull off than we’d imagined…

Let us know if anything in our portfolio strikes your eye, and we can probably set you up with something like it for a surprisingly low cost.  And if you have an idea that will have broad appeal to other institutions, we’ll probably be happy to take that on at a discount, if we can use it to make others happy later!