Digital Hall of Fame

The Digital Hall of Fame is a project for the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, in Merritt, BC.  It reimagines how the institution pays tribute to its music artist inductees, replacing traditional plaques hung on a wall with a digital, multimedia display showcasing the artists’ careers through images, audio and video on digital “plaques”.

The plaques can be sorted, browsed and searched according to visitors’ preferences, and carry not only a variety of media from the artists themselves, but also audio and video introductions allowing modern artists to pay tribute to those who influenced their careers.



The project is displayed on a touch screen for manual interaction.  Audio is presented through a directional speaker that isolates sound around the visitor interacting with the display, without disturbing surrounding visitors throughout the hall.  It features short- and long-play modes to accommodate seasonal demand changes and maximize visitor throughput during peak times, while making its full content available at times of lower visitor activity.


HoF Final (1)


The display was designed with fluid content in mind, so additional audio, video and images can be incorporated at any time, and entries can be quickly added for new inductees, even by staff members with little or no technical sophistication.  The ease of accessing, editing, and replacing content makes the display entirely repurposeable to other applications in the future, with or without a music theme.